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Other Services Available at Lee Stuart Retouching

The days of being just a retoucher are long gone and that’s no bad thing at all.

As part of the business we also offer Film Editing and Website Creation


Film is a relatively new venture at Lee Stuart Retouching. Luckily working with Tim Bret-Day at aBlackLie Studio, it has been a really exciting venture with some fabulous fashion films being worked on at present.

The only issue with fashion is you have to wait so long before you are allowed to show anybody. Because we shoot so far in advance we cant show anything till mid 2016. I will be uploading films as soon as they come out so please come back and keep an eye out for something special.

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Website Creation

I am not pretending to be an expert in this field but I know a man who is…

Creating websites can be a minefield of nonsense jargon. Maintaining them can also drain you of the will to live. With this in mind Lee Stuart Retouching now offer small bespoke website creation, design and support. We have built quite a few sites over the years and feedback has always been positive so we must be doing something right.

To discuss a new project or to help with any existing problems please contact us via our Contact Page