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2016 is the year I throw myself under the wheels of the South East Tough Mudder Fund Raising…

Tough Mudder Charity Fund Raising

2016 Tough Mudder Charity Fund Raising on behalf of Cancer Research

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I am hoping that everyone I work with this year will help support me in my bid to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research. This is a charity very dear to my heart and its devastation still ripples on through us.

This horrible disease has affect not only my close family but far too many other families in the UK. We need to do all we  can to wipe this vile disease from the face of the earth and stop it in its tracks. It knows no difference in it

I appreciate how tough times are, and how hard it is to keep giving to charities especially when there are so many needy causes but this is a disease that doesn’t wait for us, so we shouldn’t give it that luxury either.

If the thought of a fat middle aged man running 20K, covering all manner of insane obstacles, covering myself in earth, mud, freezing water, more mud, fire, gas, electric shocks and mud will help you part with as little or as much as you feel you can spare, then I am going to do it for you…Oh did I say there was mud?
Please use the links provided for my Just Giving Page to help sponsor me.

All donations are added to by the UK governments Gift Aid, so what better way to make MP’s part with some biscuit, Duck House or Moat cleaning  money and making sure our taxes go to a really good cause.
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Thank you for everything and anything you can do

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