About Lee Stuart

Lee Stuart is a mixed-media graphic designer and art director who’s work has crossed through the worlds of fashion, music and advertising, including campaigns for Lancome, Victor and Rolf and Illamasqua. Lee’s vibrant and surreal visual identity bursts with colour, glossiness and surrealism.


Starting out as an East End child chimney sweep, Lee knew nothing of the life soon to be thrust upon him.

On a stray day in the bright lights of the big smoke, Lee bumped into a tall strange character who whispered tales of Celebrity Stars, Partying into the small hours and a chance to see London as nobody else has….

… 3 Long years later we find Lee walking the streets as a messenger, delivering art to the rich and beautiful people. Not what he expected.

On a wet and windy day, Lee returns with a package for an old Wizard living in a box room at the house he worked from. This wizard showed Lee some spells he cast on celebrity pictures to make them the beautiful people they believed they were. Was this the magic mirror he had heard so much about????

And so Lee’s love affair with make-believe began.

Exhibitions & Events

Recently I have had the good fortune to work with an amazing talent David Bray, an illustrator who I have had many occasion to work with. David’s work covers many areas from fine art to Advertising but it is his personal work that inspires me the most, so when he asked me to help collaborate on his latest venture of an “Online-Only” exhibition I jumped at the chance and Was Not Elvis was born. Bringing the Art Gallery to a smartphone while you put your feet up with a glass of something. It was an amazing experiment about not being in a place and yet seeing more.

We enjoyed this process so much we are now embarking on an even bigger and better project very soon.



Now moving into moving image I am even more excited by what can be achieved. From a simple edit to grading and even fun with special Fx. I cant help but be enthusiastic about this career.

For more information or to talk about a future project please email me via my Contact Page

Lee Stuart